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"i understand women have it bad but men have it bad too"


"i mean, women are almost equal to men as it is"


"i’m not a feminist, i believe in equality"



Street artist Pejac transforms concrete walls into imaginative canvases 


men’s insistence that they should be allowed to stare at women with impunity simply because we have the audacity to exist near them with breasts and asses and legs is a pretty basic facet of rape culture, wherein our bodies are assumed to be perpetually available to them to leer at, touch, or comment on. 


Fake coffee branding with @luftaffe

To see more photos of Illarion’s designs on coffee cups, use a #fakecoffeebranding hashtag and follow @luftaffe

“If you want to create a coffee-themed design, coffee cups are the best choice,” says Russia Instagrammer Illarion Gordon (@luftaffe), who posts photos of coffee cups that he has illustrated with unusual drawings. “My wife is a barista, and I use coffee cups as a place for my ideas. I just took a felt tip and drew a design on the white cup.” As a designer by day, Illarion’s experimentations on coffee cups has allowed him to explore a new perspective on branding and develop his illustrations. “I create cups with melancholic and existentialist designs that would never exist in real life from real coffee brands.”

There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.

F. Scott Fitzgerald (via larmoyante)

This made me realize you can’t compare your past relations with your new ones, every flame burns differently.

(via fulmadz)


Yayoi Kusama

I’m here but nothing

Yayoi Kusama began hallucinating spots atop the surfaces of her world at a young age. In these polka dots, at once simple and boundless, Kusama found a way to break from the self and look into infinity.